In2venture Online

In2venture’s new online home (this site) came into being mid-October 2012.

Through the news on these pages & our Facebook and Twitter feeds the In2venture community across the North of England (& further afield) embraces a new method of communicating both among ourselves and with many, many others.

Image The sites’ hit counter went through 2,000 views this week that’s about 125 people a week who are now “checking in” with In2venture through this media. That’s more people than queued for the NEXT Boxing Day sales in Dudley!!

Our Facebook & Twitter communities see lively daily comment, discussion and much photo sharing, there’ll be new features coming in this area in coming weeks and months so please keep coming back.

Tell your friends about In2venture. The charity has been making a positive contribution to the lives of young people across the North of England for nearly 30 years. Thousands have participated in adventure; taken a risk; pushed their comfort zones; found new ways of interacting with each other and the created environment that we are all part of & share in.

Please bookmark this page & keep checking back with In2venture

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Thanks for keeping in touch!!

Team In2venture

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