On The River




ImageSunday afternoon saw the In2venture community meet at Barnard Castle for an afternoon on the River Tees to look at open canoe skills. It was a cool afternoon with the air temperature at just 4 degC but the river level was perfect for our needs.

It was great to see three folk who have never canoed before come to the session along with Paul & Adrian from COAC In2venture and Dave Magnall. We divided into two groups with Ferg working on a range of boat control skills with those who had never paddled before whilst Alan & myself spent time ferry gliding; breaking in/out; reverse ferry gliding with the others – all good stuff! We only had one swimmer and Ferg did a great job getting his group on to the moving water before the end of the afternoon.

It was good to see John & Karen Pear get down for a visit!






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