Mine exploration & A Search For Wisdom

Following last night’s In2venture Community mine exploration in the North Pennines thought it might be good to post some more of Graham’s words of wisdom……


Mine exploration is a good physical way of exploring history and geology. I think it also demonstrates a lot about human nature.

As we grow up we often hear from society that success is an important part of life and that success is often measured in wealth.

Mine exploration allows you to, at first hand, experience the lengths that people are prepared to go to and the risks they are willing to take in the pursuit of wealth. In these old abandoned mines you get a good feel for the loneliness and isolation the miners must have felt, not to mention the extreme danger that they faced on a daily basis. Although these miners may not have personally achieved a high income, someone up the food chain would benefit greatly from the harsh environment these men had to endure.

In the Bible, the book of Job speaks of how mining shows that people have become good at searching out precious minerals and treasures. Job speaks of how wisdom is the most precious treasure of all and cannot be bought with minerals and wealth. This precious treasure of wisdom comes only from God.

For me mining is a great reminder of how success is in truth based on wisdom and a relationship with God, a welcome reminder in a world which is seemingly dedicated to chasing precious money.

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