A Day to be Noted

Thursday 10th April 2014 was a cool wet early morning in Carlisle, the earliest part of the journey south on the M6 showed little promise of improvement as we headed off towards Glenridding for a day with Teresa, Dan & Thomas. Fortunately nearing the Penrith junction there was a promise of brighter skies and an improving picture, a day of open canoeing & gill scrambling lay ahead in the Ullswater area.


As the day went on the weather improved & several short journeys along the shoreline & out into the open water of then lake were enjoyed by all, the first of several lunches were eaten on the stony beach just outside of Glenridding.




We packed the gear away at the lake around noon & headed to our next venue, the tiny hamlet of Hartsop & some deft parking on the very welcome but crowded “honesty” village car park.

The next phase of our day was a gill scramble in Hayeswater Gill, recent rain must be keeping plenty of water in Hayes

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