The In2venture community – Paul Rose

Today sees the start of our series on the work of the people associated with and integral to the work of In2venture.

This week Paul Rose has kindly written this about himself, his work and what In2venture means to him.


Paul Rose



My name is Paul Rose – I am the youth work team leader at Penrith Methodist Church.

I have been linked with In2venture for over 8yrs now –originally working full time with them, and more recently as a voluntary instructor and user of their kit, knowledge, insurance and licence…

Shortly before finishing my paid work with In2venture I began to develop the vision of providing adventure-based spiritual retreats. My on-going connection with them has meant I have been able, even if in a limited fashion, to run these retreats knowing I’m supported by them, their insurance and their risk assessments. This sounds a bit dull – but it is an unavoidable element of work outdoors. The retreats bring space and time out for mostly a group of blokes – drawing on the active and adventure aspect to connect with masculine spirituality (note – NOT male spirituality as females also resonate/respond to masculine spirituality, it’s often just more foundational in males)

More recently, I have started a youth Cell based around adventurous activities. This has provided a way to connect with a group of around half a dozen 13-14yr old lads who were simply opting out of other forms of discipleship we offered. Once again, I believe there is something particularly strong within masculine spirituality that is ignited by adventure and the bond of friendship these adventures create. The outdoor setting provides a great environment to be stirred by God too. This combination has now, for the last month, been where we do discipleship.

Prayer Points:

Please pray for us as we develop our understanding of discipleship in this setting, and also for the opportunity and supporters to be able to offer this style of group to girls as well.


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