The In2venture community – Kevin Marsh

This week sees the continuation of our series on people associated with the work of In2venture.

This week – Kevin Marsh

Kevin Marsh


Hi, my name is Kevin Marsh, or Kev as I am more commonly known as, I am a Chartered Quantity Survey and a Partner in a firm of Surveys; however in my spare time I am a keen volunteer with In2venture.

I have been involved with In2venture since 2002, when I was a participant in the original Grafted Project run by Paul Little, whilst In2venture was still operating from Whithaugh Park, Newcastleton.  The first year of Grafted, was aimed at training leaders of youth clubs in various activities so that these skills could be taken back to the local community in which they worked.  I was asked if I wanted to come back for Grated 2 to help out, when the programme developed in to working with youths and those who had been in trouble with the law and the like.

I stayed with In2venture when the Charity moved to Blaithwaite House in around 2005/6 and I have gained many qualifications, such as L1 Cave Leader, Archery Instructor, BELA, SPA training, not to mention the extensive experience gained in volunteering with a well-respected outdoor activity provider.

I became a Director of In2venture Community Interest Company in 2010, which was the body operating Blaithwaite House where the Charity operated from until early 2014.  I have been a Charity Trustee since January 2013 and remain so today.  In addition I am now a Director in the new Community Interest Company In2mission CIC, which is the new trading arm of the Charity.

My preferred activity is caving, but I do like being out on the water either in Canoe or Kayak, and with an interest in climbing, there is always plenty to be involved in.

To me the In2venture community offers great opportunities for friendship, fellowship and the chance to experience the great outdoors.

Prayer Points:

Please pray for the organisation as is moves forward in a positive light and pray for the safety and well-being of those who In2venture takes on such a diverse range of adventurous activities.


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