The Way

the way

There are many ways of navigating through the hills and mountains. For purists like myself there is nothing better than a map and compass, but many would argue that technological advancements have made this process obsolete. These days there are any number of gadgets that can more or less navigate for you, anything from handheld gps units and altimeter watches all the way to the simple (or not so simple as the case may be) mobile phone.

Outdoor types are obsessed with navigation – which route is the best? which is the most exciting? the longest? the shortest? the most interesting? the best views?

Ultimately which route to take?

We have previously looked at how we can be drawn off course in life and in faith – but which path should we take?

As Christians we believe that the route is laid out for us by God. You will often hear of Christians who have given up jobs and livelihoods to move into other lines of work because they ‘felt God telling them to do so’.

It is very difficult to know what God’s path for us actually is. He holds all the maps (and if you are that way inclined – all the unnecessarily complicated technology), we do not. We must recognise this fact and be open and listening to what direction we are being encouraged towards. The path we think we are on may not be what God has in mind for our ultimate destination.

It is up to us to choose our way, our path, but it would be foolish not to listen and take note of the person holding the map;

as someone famous once said –

‘I am the way, the truth and the life’ – John 14v6

– Graham

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