Winter Gear

winter gear

For most of us with busy lives and funds depleted daily by offspring, flying off to the Alps, Nepal etc for winter conditions to play around in is not a realistic prospect. Therefore our winter kit is locked away for months on end waiting for winter to arrive. All across the country snowboards and winter boots are stacked upon ice axes and crampons in lofts and garages until that first sign of snow when we all attempt to dig out these dusty artefacts

We know winter has truly arrived when we step out the door dressed in down and gore-tex, while the board shorts take their place at the bottom of cupboards and drawers.

Winter involves many things that we only think about at this time of year and like winter outdoor gear, Christmas often ends up in this category as well.

For many people Christmas is that thing that comes around too often, costing us a fortune in presents and hours in the gym to work off the effects of seasonal excess.

As I’m sure you are aware and often told, this is not the true meaning of Christmas. However what we also tend to forget is that Christmas and the message that comes with it is not a piece of winter equipment – only relevant when there is snow on the ground.

The prime message of Christmas is one of salvation, a king born to save us.

This message is as true in the heat of summer as it is around the Christmas tree.

Remember this message as you are dusting off your ice axes, but the real challenge is to keep remembering this message as you continue through every other day of the year.

– Graham

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