New Year’s Revolution

new year's revolution

As we are flung head first into 2015 we are often told we should be making some new resolutions to improve ourselves.

These resolutions often involve some kind of self improvement – eat less/exercise more is the usual gist of it. The resolution being a promise made to yourself which is often soon broken.

Whilst out on my bike I was contemplating the idea of revolution (brought on by the revolving wheels) instead of resolution.

The concept of revolution seems to fit better with my New Year’s promises to myself.

The dictionary can describe revolution in two ways – a very important change in the way things are done or a circular movement.

For me this seems a lot more accurate, I either make a significant change or come full circle only to repeat the same promise to myself a year later.

As Christians we are aware that we are not perfect and New Year’s resolutions are a great excuse to take a step back and look at ourselves. We also know that in reality there are many ways we could improve as Christians – the Bible asks us to strive to be like Jesus, a tall order for anyone.

Whilst eating healthy, losing weight and exercising more are all good things to aim for, ultimately Jesus does not care about how we look or what we eat. He cares about how we act towards him and our neighbours in day to day life. He calls us to live a life of love and to spread the Gospel message with those around us.

I hope like me you will be aiming at improving your spiritual wellbeing this year as well as the obligatory post Christmas diet – and of course let’s try and make this a revolution of the life changing kind.

However this is a great thing to aim for every year, even if we do end up back where we started.

– Graham

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