The Active Project

Introducing the In2venture Active Project;

active, teaser

The Active Project is the new program dedicated to working with and for the local community.

I chose the concept of ‘Active’ around a threefold idea.

  • Active in the environment – taking people out into creation to take part in outdoor activities
  • Active in faith – using these opportunities to introduce or encourage Christianity
  • Active in the community – using the contacts created to perform work beneficial to the local community.

Active in the environment –

This new project will reach out to the local community, young people and families – providing them with the opportunity to experience the environment and creation in a way which they may not have experienced before.

Using all the tools, qualifications and experience at my disposal I will take members of the local community out into various locations ranging from mines to mountains, forests to rivers – along the way creating good fellowship and sharing new experiences.

Active in faith –

This project will aim to create new and meaningful friendships through shared experiences.

These meetings and activities will provide an excellent opportunity in which to discuss and explore Christianity in a comfortable and informal way regardless of whether you are a Christian, non-Christian or undecided.

Short and informal talks related to the activity or environment we are in will introduce topics of discussion and thought.

Active in the community –

This project will aim to be a positive influence in the local community.

Occasional events such as organised lake & mountain cleaning days will allow us to get together as a community and give something back to the environment.

Other community days will involve things such as first aid workshops where people can come along and learn new skills beneficial to them and the people around them.

Funding –

This project is close to the heart of In2venture and is exactly where we should be – working with young people and families in the outdoors to introduce or encourage Christianity is what we are all about.

There will be no set charge for people taking part; however these types of programs do cost money to provide. My hope would be that people would feel comfortable in donating whatever they can or wish to in order to help with the provision of this project, however this will not be expected.

And on into the future –

I have big hopes for the future of this project.

My plan would be that once a regular core group is established some of the focus could be switched to training in leadership skills with the aim of eventually handing over the running of the project to volunteers, freeing me up to start another project group and start the process all over again.

It would be amazing if in several years time we had a network of community groups all working in the local community encouraging each other and themselves in faith through the outdoors.

Prayer and support –

This project cannot succeed without the support of the local community.

There are many ways that you could help – there isn’t a single person that if willing, could not be of huge benefit.

The simplest way of helping this project is by sharing the details with people that you think could be interested. We regularly post on facebook (where you can ‘like’ us and share our posts), twitter (where you can follow us @in2venture and re-tweet our posts) and our website

Alternatively word of mouth is one of the best ways and we have leaflets available to help, which I would gladly pass on to you upon request.

Of course the best way of helping this project is through prayer. Please pray that we could be of benefit to the local community and be an encouragement in people’s faith, even if we are simply the smallest of sparks which will start the flame of Christianity.

If you would like to be involved in this project in any way or attend our events, please feel free to contact me –

And we are under way…

The first date in the diary for the Active Project is a trip down Smallcleugh lead mine. Places are limited and are already going fast, so get in touch if you are interested.

upcoming events, 19.01.15

– Graham

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