Mountaineering & An Invisible Trust


Mountaineering and an invisible trust.
Mountaineering and hill walking can be an overwhelming environment to find yourself in. Members
of your group can often find themselves feeling exposed and uncomfortable on rock faces and steep
ground. For this purpose mountain leaders carry a rope to use in times of need.
A rope can be a great way of giving an individual a feeling of comfort and security. The leader would
often climb the steep ground first and lower the rope down for the group member to tie themselves
into. As a consequence the leader can often be out of sight and all the group member has is the rope
and words of encouragement shouted down from above. This is where a good relationship of trust in
the leader is essential.
As a Christian you are often asked ‘how can you believe in something you cannot see?’
As with the overwhelmed mountain climber, it comes down to trust and faith. A Christian believes
that he has a relationship with Jesus (not known for breaking his promises), choosing to follow him is
like accepting the rope from the unseen mountaineer. It is often a liberating experience to put all
your faith and trust in someone that has never and will never let you down.
Graham Simpson
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