Caving – A Light In The Darkness



Caving – a light in the darkness
For any of you who have been caving with us in the past few years, you will undoubtedly have experienced our Polo mint experiment. Caves, when you get deep down are completely void of any light. They are one of, if not the darkest of places you can find on Earth and no matter how long you sit there without a light source, your eyes will never adjust. It is a strange and humbling experience to be unable even to see your own
hand in front of your face.
In this environment we often get group members to snap a Polo mint in front of their eyes, which causes a small spark of light. In any other place this would be almost impossible to see.
For me this is a great way to think about life as a Christian.
As Christians we often think of showing Christianity to others a bringing light into the darkness. This can often be as simple as living a Christian lifestyle and setting a good example. We may think that what we do is small and insignificant, but as we can see from the humble Polo mint, even the smallest spark can bring light into someone’s life
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