Exploration and Looking Through New Eyes

On a recent trip to Cornwall it struck me just how immune you can become to the amazing features of the world around you.

As an outdoor practitioner for over ten years it is rare to come across a view that is entirely new. Every mountain top is different but the more you climb the easier it is to forget the amazing spectacle that surrounds you. The more mining environments you explore the harder it is to pinpoint things that are unique to this new mine. The more rivers you paddle the easier it is to concentrate on the activity rather than the beauty around you.

I have been visiting Cornwall each year for over 15 years and have explored much of it, however this year my two year old daughter took a very keen interest in exploring the coastline with me. She loved the cliffs, beaches and surf more than I could have imagined and it took me back to when I was exploring these places myself for the first time. Seeing the world through her eyes brings about an entire change in how you appreciate your surroundings.

In the outdoors we are constantly exploring and trying to recapture those feelings of awe and wonder that we experienced early on and has driven us into this way of life. It is much the same in our faith – as we continue on our Christian journey it is easy to become complacent with how spectacular our religion is. When we look through fresh eyes at the promises that are made to us as Christians it is easy to see what drew us to this way of life, much as the outdoorsman was drawn in by the spectacular views and experiences.

This thought for the week is more of a challenge than a thought.

I challenge you to go through this week looking upon every view, every experience as though it was the first time. Look upon your faith as if you were reaching out to God for the first time.

Perhaps you, as I did, will recapture what it was that you were drawn to in the first place.


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