Through New Eyes Challenge

As the week long challenge comes to an end I thought it would be good to summarize what it was all about.

We all become numb to the things that we see and do everyday, this week has simply been about trying to recapture the feelings and emotions we felt the first time we experienced them.

I have shared a photograph from my personal collection on our facebook and twitter pages everyday this week to try and spark memories of those places in an attempt to put myself back in the moment to try and re-live those memories.

My hope was that these pictures would spark fresh enthusiasm in us all to get out and enjoy creation and encourage us to share these places with others.

The final photograph of the week was of a Bible. This is hugely significant for this challenge. If we look upon the information held in that book with fresh eyes every time we open it, we can truly appreciate what power it has. Keeping our faith fresh and at the forefront of our minds will make it easier to enthusiastically invite and include others on our journey.

I hope you, as I did, have found this week both thought provoking and re-energizing.

I would very much like to hear from you if you took on this challenge over the past week and how you found it.

Remember – this was a week long challenge, not a week long concept – keep looking through new eyes and ask yourself how it makes you feel each day.


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