A View of Creation


Last week was a spectacular week for weather in the Lake District and after a few days in lock ups, offices or staring at a laptop screen I decided to head out into the mountains and enjoy the clear blue skies, snow underfoot and stunning views.

Unfortunately the day I picked involved very little in the way of summit views, unless your idea of a good view is staring at the inside of a cloud.


Ironically the days following my trip were full of cloud inversions, and social media has been flooded with pictures of people staring down from mountain summits onto the tops of cloud.

Regardless of the lack of views, myself and two others decided to head up onto the cloud covered summit of Blencathra. As the only one of us who had been up Blencathra before I was disappointed that they were unable to see the spectacular view of the lakes that I knew was tantalisingly close.

Despite the weather we had a great day and were finally rewarded with a view on the descent, made all the more impressive by the lifting cloud and the dropping sun creeping through.

One of the people I was with made a comment which I have heard time and time again in the outdoors –

‘How could this not have been created by God?’

It’s amazing how many ‘coincidences’ occur when you start looking into faith and as it happens the following day I attended a men’s breakfast at my local church, where the vicar had chosen to speak on the views of religion and science. One hot topic was – was the world created by God or not?

Many people believe that the world came from nothing and many think it was created, this is something that I think deserves a lot of serious thought.

As for me, looking out at views as perfect as these – there really is no doubt.


– Graham

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