Trust in the Cross

the cross

The winter is a great time of year for people with an unhealthy (if you ask my wife) love of outdoor equipment (or toys – again in you ask my wife).

The weather opens up great opportunities to dig out your snowboard, snow shoes, ice axes and crampons along with whatever other pieces of gear have been gathering dust in your garage since last year.

Every year I like to go through my books looking into different techniques for using these bits of gear that rarely see the light of day. While leafing through my books this year I was reminded of a technique which I think is an excellent example to follow as a Christian.

While out in winter mountain conditions carrying an axe is essential. An ice axe can make ascending in snowy/icy conditions much easier and can save your life in a fall by acting as a brake while sliding down the mountain.

One technique for when things really go bad is to use two axes to help you abseil off the mountain and out of trouble.

The technique involves driving an axe in to the snow vertically and a second axe behind it horizontally forming a cross. A rope is attached to the horizontal axe allowing you to use it as an anchor to abseil off.

crossed axes

For me this is a great example to follow as a Christian. All your worries and fears can be passed on to the cross – it may not remove them but will get you through them.

The cross of axes will not magically transport you from the danger, but by trusting in them they will allow you to have the strength and ability to get through the situation.

The Biblical message is very similar;

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you – 1 Peter 5:7

Trusting in the cross of Jesus does not take you out of the troubling situation, but by passing your worries on to him it can give you the strength to get through it.

– Graham

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